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Different physical 3D models, prove functionality.



Proven Aeration Technology.

Concept Bottle.

Concept Bottle.

Design / Concept

The revolutionary concept is simple, bring together the benefits of a wine aerator/decanter with the convenience of not having to utilize one, while still getting the full benefit!

To do this the inventor has brought aeration techniques utilized in other engineering fields and adaptations of existing separate pour through wine aeration concepts into the unique design to create a simple, effective design.


The amount of aeration can be designed into the bottle to ensure that the wine gets its exact amount of aeration to provide the best taste instantly with no need for any additional materials just one either fully glass or fully 100% recycled PET material.

Decanters have been utilized for many years, and more recently separate venturi aerators have been widely popular to improve the taste. Let's get rid of the hassle and put it in the bottle.

Environmentally friendly: No need for any additional plastics or materials, 100% glass.


Create an Experience

Whether enjoying a cozy night in or an extravagant night out, VinGenio's self-aerating bottle will draw the attention of every eye and ear in the room. The whirring babble of wine bubbles flowing from VinGenio's patented bottle will produce a memorable experience for wine drinkers and onlookers alike.

Let the Bottle Sell Your Wine

VinGenio's sleek aeration tubes are instantly recognizable and easily distinguishable so your wine bottles get noticed on the shelf, at the restaurant, and at the bar. 

Convenience & Taste

Traditional aerators and decanters require time, effort, and additional hardware to provide the wine with the oxygen it needs to taste its best. By automatically aerating during each pour, VinGenio's patented glass bottle nourishes every drop with oxygen.


Different wines require different levels of oxidization to smell and taste their best. VinGenio's patented design can be customized to perfectly accommodate the specific oxidization requirements of a particular wine.

Proof of Concept

The design process although enjoyable has been rigorous and is continuous; we are now happy to announce we are ready to approach the industry.


From the very first initial fluid dynamics calculations by the inventor/Marine engineer who's background is in fluid dynamics to the later stages of prototype bottle manufacture. The innovation has had multiple iterations to further improve the designs and performance, culminating in several extremely successful physical models being tested to achieve the desired aeration effect, every time with ease of use. With the venturi method of aeration, the amount of air given can to the wine can be pre-calculated to provide the perfect amount of aeration to that the wine needs.


The aeration effect caused by the venturi method widely used in other industries can be be used to accurately provide the pre-calculated required amount of oxygen to the wine and then tested through a simple test of pouring the wine and measuring the total dissolved oxygen content.

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Intellectual property

As with many innovative ideas we had to secure our innovations as far as possible. This ensures both to our future clients and ourselves we are protected from ill-thought-through imitations. That's why we have sought and been successful in obtaining intellectual property pending protection on our innovations including our Aeration bottle and innovation concepts.

Market Research

We here at VinGenio believe there is strong desirability for the VinGenio's Aeration bottle technology and its end benefits. As such we are conducting further research to support that claim above and beyond what is currently already available to demonstrate its high desirability within the market.

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People, particularly The Millennial (Emerging) generations are increasingly likely to pay more for wine that has a perceived experience/experimentation aspect. Millennials also present the best opportunity for future growth in the wine industry. Recent surveys demonstrate that most people know that oxygen provides better taste to wine and are willing to pay for the benefit but do not necessarily want to wait. The VinGenio’s bottle provides an instantaneous optimal taste of the wine, which provides Fast Markets (E.g. Restaurants, bars, and Airlines) a definite added benefit for their own businesses. Asian markets tend to seek more opulence and innovative focused products and the VinGenio bottle certainly will sell itself well in this field.

Get Involved

If you are involved in the wine, drinks or packaging industries we would love to collaborate with you. Let's discuss how VinGenio IP bottle technology can improve your wine and business. Let’s make the first impression of your wine the best one.


Together we can create a mutually beneficial Investment/license deal for our industry-first technology within the multi-billion-dollar wine industry.

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