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What We do

VinGenio's Aeration Bottle (Glass)

VinGenio’s new innovative IP allows us to customize the amount of aeration to maximize the best taste of your wine/port instantly without the wait or fuss. VinGenio’s unique bottle combines the multi-industry practiced method of venturi aeration and the common wine bottle to produce a truly industry-first wine bottle.

  • Taste & Convenience: Its widely accepted that oxygen can improve the taste of wine, typical methods are decanters/pour-through aerators are either slow or require separate devices. The VinGenio bottle delivers the required aeration straight from the bottle when pouring, without any wait or fuss.

  • First impressions: Providing the best first taste of the wine instantly leaves a better overall impression. The unique design increases likelihood of purchase due to the uniqueness. Overall this increases the chances of initial and repeat purchases.

  • Customizable / Design: The bottle aesthetic and the amount of aeration can be customized, for the specific wine and or brand.

  • Environmentally friendly: No need for any additional plastics or materials, 100% glass.

Aeration Bottle Services

Specialized advice to support in your specific innovative aeration bottle design process.

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