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Wine Sketch
Wine Sketch
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VinGenio Self-Aerating Wine Bottle 

Instantly unlock your wine's full taste potential with the convenience of VinGenio's self-aerating bottle.

The innovative and patented pending bottle ensures your wine tastes its best with no wait. Your consumers will enjoy the full taste and aroma without having to deal with cumbersome aerators or decanters. Its unique shape serves both function and salience. Stand out from the crowd and give your consumers the quality taste your wine deserves every time, every pour.

  • Create An Experience: Whether enjoying a cozy night in or an extravagant night out, VinGenio's self-aerating bottle will draw the attention of every eye and ear in the room. The whirring babble of wine bubbles flowing from VinGenio's patented bottle will produce a memorable experience for wine drinkers and onlookers alike.

  • Let The Bottle Sell Your Wine: VinGenio's sleek aeration tubes are instantly recognizable and easily distinguishable so your wine bottles get noticed on the shelf, at the restaurant, and at the bar. 

  • Convenience And Taste: Traditional aerators and decanters require time, effort, and additional hardware to provide the wine with the oxygen it needs to taste its best. By automatically aerating during each pour, VinGenio's patented glass bottle nourishes every drop with oxygen.

  • Customize: Different wines require different levels of oxidization to smell and taste their best. VinGenio's patented design can be
    customized to perfectly accommodate the specific oxidization requirements of a particular wine.

  • Environmentally friendly: No need for any additional plastics or materials, 100% glass.


VinGenio's Product Video

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